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  1. What's the deal with __builtins__ vs __builtin__

    March 23 2014

    Seriously, what's the difference? When you first fire up the Python interpreter, __builtins__ is in your namespace for free:

    >>> globals().keys()
    ['__builtins__', '__name__', '__doc__', '__package__']
    >>> __builtins__
    <module '__builtin__' (built-in)>

    But it appears to be the __builtin__ module (singular)! If you:

    >>> import __builtin__
    >>> __builtin__ is __builtins__

    Hrm. So they ...

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  2. How Should I Learn Programming?

    February 23 2014

    I rarely hear the question "How should I learn programming?" from individuals who are just beginning to write code. Instead I hear way more specific variants like:

    • What are the best sites for learning programming?
    • What's a good free online course...?
    • What's a good textbook...?

    These are not ...

    tags: learning hacker school

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