stardatetime (2015)

stardatetime provides datetime objects converted to Star Trek time.

>>> from stardatetime import StarDateTime

stardatetime is released on PyPI and the source is on GitHub.

nagini: replacing a keyword in CPython (2014)

At Hacker School, I built a Harry Potter-themed Python interpreter.

>>> accio random
>>> random.random()

>>> type(3)
<__main__.Slytherin object at 0x1004c3290>

>>> wingardium_leviosa(3)

>>> reducto(lambda a, x: a + x, range(5))

>>> avada_kedavra()

I described the process of overwriting the import keyword in this blog post.

I also gave a talk on this project at Open Source Bridge and a few NYC meetups.

Collaborators: Allison Kaptur

The code for this project is on GitHub.

Furrier Transform: converting an image of my cat to sound (2014)

At Hacker School, I attempted to create a sound from an image of my cat. The idea was that, since a spectrogram is an image representation of a sound, an arbitrary image could be interpreted as a spectrogram of a sound. With that assumption, I attempted to create a sound that would have the spectrogram of an image of my cat.

I quickly realized that starting with an image of my cat was a bad idea, because I had no way of telling if the sound I created was correct or not. So, I decided to start with an actual spectrogram of an actual sound, and then try to reconstruct the original sound from the spectrogram. Then I could tell if I was even close or not.

Later I found that this is actually a "longstanding problem in audio signal processing" and is anything but trivial. So, needless to say, I never completed this project. But I think I'm finally okay with that!

Fair warning: you do not want to listen to any audio files that this program creates. They are wildly unpleasant.

Collaborators: Andreas Dewes, David Dalrymple, Robert P. Sokolowski, Sean Patrick Murphy

The code for this project is on GitHub.

Iron Forger (2014)

After Hacker School, I organized a weekly "make a product or you owe $5 to a charity" challenge called Iron Forger.

In eight weeks, we made the following things:

Collaborators: Rose Ames, David Branner, Rob Sokolowski, Stacey Sern, Pablo Torres